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We are able to provide a range of services from “light touch” to fully supported organisational audit, implementation and training. We have a superb programme of support events, workshops and training opportunities. We can provide one-to-one consultancy, small group events and large-scale training.

We can meet with you in person or via teleconferencing and can be available on the phone for more immediate advice and support.

If your organisation prefers to “do it yourself” we are able to provide an excellent Document Suite and Toolkit that will guide you through audit and implementation in an accessible step-by-step process.

Workshops & Seminars

Our workshops range from 90 minute sessions for a GDPR – General Information event through to half day sessions, covering:

GDPR Information Workshop (90 minutes)

Data Governance & Strategy (Half day)

Data Protection Policy & Guidance (Half day)

Asset Management Registers (Half day)

Consent & Privacy Notices (Half day)

Handling Subject Access Requests (Half day)

Data Security & Breaches (Half day)

Designing Data Protection into New Systems and Procedures (Half day)

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Consulting Services

Our 1-2-1 consultancy services are guided and bespoke to support GDPR compliance challenges, specific to your organisation. We cover a variety of data compliance areas which are normally held over half days, covering:

Guided GDPR Health Check and Audit

GDPR Information Governance and Strategy

Implementation Support
– Review, Draft and Amend Documentation

Bespoke Staff Training
– Tailored to company requirements
– Delivered by GDPR qualified practitioners

Training can be delivered in person, video conference or online tutorials.

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Documents and toolkit

We can provide your organisation with a license to access a suite of documents and guides giving you access to ready-made templates, to help prepare for GDPR compliance and to mitigate the risks.  Our suite includes the following (and more)

Online Document Suite and Toolkit
– Data GDPR Self-Assessment Checklist
– Privacy Notice/Fair Processing Notice
– Data Protection Policy
– Data Processing Contract
– Consent Forms
– Website Privacy Policy
– Website Cookies Policy
– Website Terms and Conditions
– Data Sharing Agreement
– Asset Management Register
– Breaches Policy and Procedure
– Template Data Breach Incident Report
– Data Privacy Impact Assessment
– CCTV Policy and Notice
– Data Security Policy
– Subject Access Request Letter
– Subject Access Request Procedure

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